Top 5 Brands of White Board – Check Before Buying

Whiteboards are widely used in India for different purposes. Students who love to learn new things in an effective way usually find whiteboards very useful. These boards also play an important role in the field of education. Apart from the education sector, whiteboards are also used in offices for planning purposes. No matter for want purpose you are buying a whiteboard, it is a one-time investment, and you should choose a board wisely. Usually, you are going to use the board for years after purchasing it one time.

Top 5 Brands of White Board Selling Online

This is why it is crucial to consider the important factors when buying a whiteboard for your use. The brand of the whiteboard is an important thing to consider when you are going to buy one for yourself. Here we have a list of the top 5 whiteboard brands that are selling their products online in India. 

#1. Pragati Systems 

In 1957, the Pragati Systems brand was started as a small stationery outlet in Indore. Currently, it is one of the leading brands in India for manufacturing the best quality educational aids at reasonable prices. The whiteboards of this brand are manufactured in India and are made using the best quality materials. This brand provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee against all its products. The Pragati Systems whiteboards come with aluminum sections on the borders for the ultimate protection. The corners are treated with ABS plastic that looks beautiful and provides maximum strength. The writing surfaces are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It is also very easy to write on these boards. These whiteboards are ideal for corporates, offices, institutes, and personal use. The whiteboards of this brand are wall mountable and come with wall mounting clips. 

#2. LifeKrafts

LifeKrafts is another top brand in the Indian market when it comes to buying whiteboards. This specializes in manufacturing durable and portable magnetic whiteboards. You can use these boards for taking notes during a meeting or give them to your kids. The board surface can be cleaned without any difficulties. You can erase and rewrite on this board in an efficient way. The magnetic whiteboards of the LifeKrafts brand are suitable for students, offices, and home organizations. The LifeKrafts magnetic whiteboards come with a stylish chrome frame for a beautiful look. These whiteboards can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode as per the requirements of the user. This brand also provides accessories such as marker pens, magnetic erasers, adhesive stickers, etc., for ease of use. It produces dry erase whiteboards, so it is very simple to wipe clean these boards. These boards are versatile, so they can be used for different purposes easily. 

#3. Obasix Industries Pvt Ltd

This whiteboard manufacturing brand is popular for its affordable boards in the market. The whiteboards of this brand are designed using premium quality materials. The whiteboards of the Obasix brand are designed with perfection and are great for different purposes. The whiteboard comes with an aluminum frame that is durable and beautiful. There is also a single side white writing grade laminate that is non-magnetic. The smooth writing surface allows you to write and erase on the board with ease. The whiteboards of this brand are made in India. The corners of the Obasix whiteboards are made of high-quality polypropylene materials. These corners protect the board from damage. The polypropylene corners are locked and will not come out easily. Aesthetically, the Obasix whiteboards are pleasing. In case you are looking for superior quality whiteboards for your work or studies, then you can consider the Obasix products. 

#4. Jaykal 

The Jaykal brand is one of the top brands in India for making a variety of presentation tools. The products of this brand can be used in homes, offices, schools, etc. This brand makes professional standard whiteboards that fulfill the needs of different users. It also manufactures good-quality boards that people can use for different purposes. All Jaykal boards are known for high durability, strength, and sturdiness. Because of this reason, many people in India prefer using the whiteboards of the Jaykal brand. These boards are made with excellent quality control that ensures to provide high performance. The Jaykal whiteboards have glossy writing surfaces that offer a unique feel to users. These boards have a scratch-resistant silver aluminum frame that is long-lasting. Also, these frames will not turn black ever. The corners have round nylon construction to protect the board. The surface of this board is smooth and scratch-free and can last for long periods. 

#5. Yajnas 

This whiteboard brand is popular for its high-quality boards and related accessories. It designs top-quality whiteboards to meet the needs of different people. These whiteboards can be used for educational purposes, offices, preparing to-do lists, planning, and other purposes. These whiteboards are suitable for professionals, students, teachers, children, etc. The surface of this whiteboard is rasin-painted for long-lasting performance. The best thing about the yajnas whiteboards is that they come with a dual-sided design. The front side of the board is a whiteboard and can be written using markers. The backside of the board has a green surface on which you can use chalk to write. Any whiteboard marker can be used with the Yajnas boards. The whiteboard comes with aluminum frames for excellent sturdiness. Since the board surface is scratch-resistant, it is very easy to write in it and wipe clean.          


Whiteboards are an important thing in our day-to-day life. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional, or a homemaker who plans everything in a home, a whiteboard is a must-have thing for you. When you quickly need to take some notes or plan a to-do list, a whiteboard always comes in handy. But you need to consider buying the best quality whiteboard for your use to ensure better functionality. The brands listed above are the top brands in India that sell whiteboards online. If you are looking for a whiteboard and can’t decide which one to buy, then you can consider the whiteboards of these brands for a better experience.