9 Best Presentation Pointers In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

If you are involved with the work of making presentations for any business then it is very important to see that you make it perfect. Most of the office work in present India is done with the help of computers and related accessories. However, it is very vital to see that you are well aware of the latest tools and devices. At the same time, you should be well aware of the exact way of using the devices. Most of the presentation work is mainly done with the help of PowerPoint.In addition to this, it is seen that there are few points that must also be considered while making an error-free PowerPoint presentation. In this context, the name of presentation pointers must be mentioned. It is basically a small device that will help you to point a particular part of the slide more nicely. It can help you to highlight the particular part of the presentation in a much better way. 

Best Buy Presentation Pointers Online in India

This will also help them to focus on the project or the presentation in a better way. It is a great way that can help you to make progress in your work. The concept is quite unique and new. The more you will use these pointers the more you will get addicted to them. It is a helpful thing at the same time. Presentation pointer can help to make your work much more attractive. In the next few lines we will go through some of the best presentation pointers for office in India that can help you to carry out the work in an innovative manner. A small description of the best products will help you to choose the right one for your work. Let us go through it.

1. Viboton Laser Wireless Presentation Pointer


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It is one of the best wireless presenters that can help you immensely in your presentation. It is usually equipped with top-graded micro chip that is quite appropriate for the work. The device is made of a nickel-plating metal dome and is quite efficient for the work. It also comes with auto standby and deep sleep functions for saving energy. It is quite durable in nature.


  • Best wireless presenter.
  • Easy to use and durable in nature. Comes with a separate switch and avoids unwanted power consumption when put inside the bag.
  • Supports the hyperlinks.
  • Mini USB receiver supports plug and also play technology.
  • Portable in nature.

2. Pruthvik Slide Changer Laser Pointer Pen


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This is a perfect device that works perfectly with both power point and keynote software. The most important part of this product is that it can be easily recharged. It can be used safely for more than a week. Once the battery becomes low there is an indicator to inform the user. The sleek and elegant design of the device makes it more unique and innovative in all aspects. There is no availability of flimsy plastics. If you want you can recharge it prior to use. It also comes with a small USB receiver in a magnetic housing so that you do not lose the USB receiver.


  • There is no such requirement for extra batteries.
  • No software is required for installation purposes.
  • Works appropriately with Macs, Windows, and power point.
  • Comes with a good warranty period.
  • Professionally designed with premium templates.

3. Canbee Wireless Laser Powerpoint PPT Presenter


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This presenter is small in size and portable in nature. It also comes with some richer applications. There is no such requirement of software for installing it. The buttons have quick access to different functions that can be done with a single touch. It is a very environmentally friendly device. It can be used very safely and easily. It works and supports important functions like word, excel. Powerpoint. There is no such requirement for drivers. This device is quite portable in nature.


  • Easily holds down the button to keep the light on.
  • Can move around the room to interact with the audience.
  • Works with a lot of functions like MS Word, Power Point and Excel.
  • Comes with 2 year warranty.

4. Storin Professional Wireless Presentation Pointer


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It is an extremely useful accessory that is quite helpful at any presentation hall. It has some attractive features that can give your presentation a different look. The functional keys and wireless performance makes the presentation more attractive and impressive. It helps to highlight the particular pointer in a good way. It is a very light-weighted device and portable at the same time. It gives you a very good experience handling such a device. The presenter mainly works on two AAA batteries.


  • Comes with a free soft carry case.
  • Comes with 6 months warranty.
  • The range is about 30 feet.
  • A good number of functional keys.
  • Egronomically designed.

5. Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote 

Logitech Spotlight 910-004654 Advanced Presentation Remote 

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It is such a presenter that allows the user to properly utilize the slides and interact with the content. It is a game changing remote that helps you carry out the work nicely. You can also play videos for multiple purposes. The device is very compatible and can be attached to any device very easily. The full charge usually lasts for about three months. You can easily interact with the content on the room screen.


  • Comes with a wireless presentation.
  • Simple touch is enough to connect the screen.
  • Presence of vibration alerts to stay alert.
  • Universal compatibility helps in easy connectivity of the device.
  • Have a great and sleek look at the same time.

6. Cables Kart USB Professional Laser Pointer

Cables Kart USB Wireless Remote

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It is an easy to use presenter that can fit easily on hand. The compact size of the device helps the user to easily handle it. All the buttons are placed at a certain distance so that it makes the operation easy and simple. It also comes with a USB receiver that allows the user to run the device easily. There are some unique features of the device that makes it much innovative and creative. The directions for using the device are very simple and easy at the same time. The compact size of the device makes it a very attractive one.


  • Helps to control the pages from top to bottom in a unique way.
  • Easy to use device.
  • Allows the user to move freely in the room.
  • Manual helps to operate the device in a much better way.
  • Buttons comes with unique functions.

7. Rts Hyperlink Volume Control Presenter

Rts Wireless Presenter, Hyperlink Volume Control Presenter

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It is such a device that helps the user to make the presentation more powerful and unique in all respect. It is quite an easy and effective device. The egronomic design of the device helps the user to hold it in a unique way. On the other hand, the built in laser pointer allows the user carry out the process of page –up and page down in a better way. The device also comes with a clip that allows the user to slide the same in the pocket in an easy manner. It can be an ideal companion for your presentation.


  • Comes with some specific features.
  • User is free to move around the room while making the presentation.
  • Supports MS Excel, Power point, Excel, Google slides.
  • Portable in nature.
  • Easy to use device and can be handled easily.

8. Universal Buyer Wireless Presenter Pointer


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Among all those expensive presentation pointers available today, this one is different. Not only this presentation pointer is cheap, but it is also comparatively better than most of the presentation pointers today. This once comes with a maximum range of 20-meters and for the price tag it carries, it is impressive. The nickel plating metal dome makes it attractive and the silicone keypad offers a comfortable feeling to the user. The built-in docking system in the remote makes it easy to carry the device around. This presentation pointer is compatible with almost all types of operating systems. This presentation pointer has a plug and play features that is bonus for the customer, most of the presentation pointer that we reviewed in this price range lack this feature.


  • Cheap
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Build-in docking system on the pointer
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Deep sleep mode
  • Safe operating remote frequency

9. Jihaan Wireless Remote PPT Laser Pointer


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This is an infrared presentation pointer that comes incorporated with almost all the features and all these come at a very reasonable price. This presentation pointer is best for both office and educational use. Unlike other presentation pointers at the same price range, this presentation pointer could be used with a projector, laptop, and personal computer. The maximum range of this presentation remote is more than 30-meters which is comparatively higher than most of the premium models. The buttons on this presentation pointer are diverse and these buttons make using the presentation pointer smooth and easy.  This presentation pointer is one of the most durable and easy-to-use presentation pointer that we have reviewed recently. If you have a budget constraint, this presentation printer is the best for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Diverse control buttons
  • 30-meters maximum range
  • Compatible with laptop, PC, and projector

How to Choose a Presentation Pointer?

The next big question that may often arise in this case is how to choose the best presentation pointer for your work. Most of the people may get confused about this matter. However, there are certain conditions and features that must be considered while choosing the best presentation pointer for your work. In fact, the importance of good presentation pointer is quite important for any type of work.

  • Distance

The first and foremost thing that must be considered in this case is the distance. Most of the remote operates through three different technologies. One is the RF or the wireless radio frequency, the second one is the IR or the infrared and the third one is the Bluetooth. There are some smartphone apps that can help to carry out the work more conveniently. It is seen that with the help of Bluetooth and RF remotes it can range about 50-100 feet. This is just enough for any type of presentation work.

  • Built in mouse functions

Mouse helps to carry out the presentation work perfectly. There is some device that comes with a bit in size mouse that can be seen on laptops. Other remotes may have a track ball or a touch pad. However, a separate wireless mouse is always better for any type of presentations. There are some in built mouse that may appear to be awkward but they can be quite helpful.

  • Easy to use

You may come across various types of models that may have some tough features. This is quite tough for the users to handle the device even during the emergency period. Thus it is always suggested to choose the device that can be handled or tackled simply. It will also enable the user to carry out the work more simply and within a small time. Complicated devices are quite tough to handle. It may take more time to understand the whole functioning method.

  • Check the reviews

It is always suggested that while buying a presentation pointer or such other devices you should always choose the one that have good reviews. You may get many such in the market but it is always better to go with the one that have good reviews and feed backs. This will help the user to get the right product and that too at a right price. When you are investing money you deserve the best. This is a quite natural fact and should be maintained at any cost.

  • Installation process

You should always opt for the device that has easy installation process. If the device requires to be installed by anyone then it can be a hazardous one. So, you should go for the device that can be installed by yourself. On the other hand, check the manuals that can also help you to a large extent. A good manual can guide the user to install the device instantly and without any type of assistance. You should always choose the device that is already ready to use. It can save your time and energy to a great extent.

Presentation Pointers Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the range of a presentation pointer?

The range of a presentation pointer is entirely dependent on the product itself. Most commonly, a budget product could have a range between 30 and 40 feet, and premium range products would have a range between 60 and 120-feet. Apart from these, they are long-range pointers available. However, check your product specifications for precise data.

  1. These presentation pointers are easy to use?

Most of the presentation pointers come designed to be customer-friendly, as far as we know, it is easy as using a television remote control.

  1. Is it easy to connect the presentation pointer to a computer?

A presentation pointer could come from any brand; the ease of installation entirely depends on the brand and the product design. To our expertise, if you have used a wireless mouse, then connecting this wireless remove would not be a challenge for you. However, if the connection process is complicated, the user manual will provide you the details on how to connect it. Remember, presentation pointers might have the same or different connection process.

  1. What to look for in a presentation pointer?

Purchasing a presentation pointer today is not a challenging task; the demand for pointers is not high, so the diversity of pointers is limited. Therefore, you need to consider primary factors such as reviews, brands, price, range, and functionality.

  1. Using presentation pointers cause any health issues?

Class 1M lasers are harmful to health, and it was used in some presentation pointers; however, as of today, most of the brands do not use Class 1M lasers, and they have switched to other sources. There are still some generic and small brands that still use such lasers; therefore, it is best recommended that you purchase a product from a reputed brand only and check the specifications.

  1. Are presentation pointers compatible with all software?

A presentation pointer cannot thoroughly perform the function of a mouse. Most commonly, a presentation pointer is compatible with software like

  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Google slides
  • Keynote
  • Prezi
  1. Are presentation pointers compatible with Mac and Linux OS?

Most of the presentation pointers come with universal compatibility; however, some brand markets presentation pointers that come specially designed for Mac OS. There might not be any significant difference between a general Presentation pointer and specially designed ones. But, the smoothness of functioning might vary.

  1. Which is better, presentation pointers with a removable battery or rechargeable battery?

Rechargeable presentation pointers come with lithium-ion batteries that could be charged 300 to 400 times a minimum. However, if in case, the battery dies, the user might have to purchase a new pointer. On the other hand, presentation pointers with removable batteries will not have such issues. If removable battery presentation pointers fall, the shock could break the battery slot cover, and the battery will start popping out every time you use it. Therefore, it is totally up to you on which option to consider.

  1. Are presentation pointers compatible with smart TVs?

Using a presentation pointer on a smart TV does not have any benefits; first of all, the functionality of a presentation remote is limited to less than 4 or 5 buttons. To answer your question, some presentation pointers are compatible with smart or Android TVs.

  1. Is it crucial to practice before using a presentation pointer in an office or a conference hall?

For people who have experience only in using a mouse, using a presentation pointer could be an entirely different experience. You don’t need to practice before using the presentation pointer in public. However, a trail could help you understand how to use the pointer efficiently.

Bottom Line

Now it must be clear from the above facts, that the advent of the advanced devices has really helped modern man largely. They are helpful in all aspects. Making presentation is a very common matter in the present time. Most of the corporate works involves making of presentations. However, the presentations can be more effective and nice if the same is built in an error free manner and in a unique way at the same time. With the help of the presentation pointer most of the work becomes easier and simpler at the same time.

These types of devices are very advanced and upgraded. They also save time and energy to a great extent. Even the mode of handling or operating the device is very easy and it can be done by anyone within a short time. It has also been seen that the more you will use the device the more you will get attached to it.

They also come with the advantage of great compatibility and it is liked by most of the users. If you have to make a good presentation for your client then it is the high time when you should go for an advanced presentation pointer.