10 Best Paper Shredder Machines In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Having the paper shredder cut through the paper is usually the best way to remove the unused papers from the room. Other than just shredding the paper, the advanced paper shredders also remove the bits and pieces of old CDs and DVDs. Care must be taken in case of shredders to remove any form of pins from the shredder such that you don’t end up letting the paper along with the staplers within the shredder. It is often recommended to use the papers in the angled way, such that the shredder gets activated and accepts the paper. It is because of safety reasons, else the paper shredder will not understand the difference between the paper and the finger. Thus, keeping you aware, always use the angles properly for the best possible use.

Best Buy Paper Shredder Online In India

If you want to do away with some confidential documents, which might not be useful anymore, prefer using the shredder over any other modes of dispatch. Though certain shredders have complaints about overuse and heat production, look into the problems specifically about the shredding of the bundles of paper such that noise and over-heating. Selecting the right paper shredder can often be an issue, hence we have highlighted the best ones for you, along with the buying guide to help you make the best choice. Following is the list of the best paper shredders which you must have in your office to increase the productivity in your office. Let us look at them one by one.

1. SToK 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder

SToK 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder


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SToK 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder is one of the most complicated yet exquisite paper shredders which you must have in your home or office. With the sharp blades and the latest tech implementation, it can shred more than 8 pages at a go. You can have various forms of cut in the paper using the shredder, starting from the cross to even the smallest pieces of cuts. No more worries about confidentiality being at stake since it is shredded into pieces. More quantity of shredding can be done, as the basket is of larger size. Excellent designing and shape of the product, which also saves the space in the office. High durability and strength of the material can shred in multiple ways.


  • Multiple uses since it can be used to shred pages as well as CDs
  • It can shred through both thick and thin papers at a quicker rate.
  • Enough quantity of the bin, which makes the shredding very simple.

2. Bonsaii Paper Shredder Machine


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No more excuses to the waste papers all around your homes as Bonsaii Paper Shredder Machine shreds through the old waste papers along with the CDs right through them into the smallest pieces available. You can enjoy the shredding as the big basket underneath collect the shreds just within seconds. With the cooling time of just 15 minutes, it comes around to be the quickest and the most rigid paper shredder available. Say goodbye to the old CDs and DVDs as the paper shredder can eat through them too. Not at all complicated to use, since it works just at the press of the button. Works both in the manual as well as in automatic mode, which makes it extremely trendy. No more than 8 sheets should be inserted as it can lead to jamming of the shredder.


  • Massive bucket to carry loads of pieces of papers
  • The durability of the product is more than a year, thus making it extremely wonderful
  • The size of the shredded paper is very small, making it very difficult to be reformed.

3. Aurora 8-Sheet Paper Credit Card Shredder

Aurora AU870MA High-Security 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper


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Cut through the sheets of paper or through the chunk of old credit and debit cards without any worry as Aurora AU870MA High-Security 8-Sheet Micro-Cut helps in making the work easier for you. No more worries about shredding and cutting of the paper as it provides one of the best mechanisms to shred through the paper. With the automated switches along with the dual mode of operation, the product is an invincible one. Light in weight thus can be shifted from one place of the room to another. No noise is emitted during shredding which makes it stand out against competitors.Easier removal of the waste from the dustbin since the grip eases the process.No more than 8 sheets can be easily shredded without the jamming of the machine.


  • Available in dark color, thus making it a highly eye-catchy product, when the room is in mess.
  • Multiple buttons help in automating the entire operation, thus making it efficient.
  • Can shred through even the sheets of paper as well as the electronic equipment and plastic money

4. Swaggers Micro Cut 11 to 13 Sheets Paper Shredder


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Swaggers Micro Cut 11 to 13 Sheets Heavy Duty Paper Shredder 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder shred through the small pieces of the cards as well as the sheets of the paper once you let loose the sheets of paper from your hand. One of the most beautifully designed and compact paper shredder which increases the efficiency of paper shredding. Say goodbye to the burning of confidential information when you can shred them. Both modes of operation are applicable, which include manual and auto mode. Minor strips of the paper are produced so that no one can recognize them. Very comfortable to use the product, which operates just at the press of a switch as varieties of shredding can be done ranging from micro shreds to long strips


  • A large bucket is provided underneath which helps to retain the shredded paper in its proper place.
  • Multiple other items can be cut through using the paper like the CDs and DVDs
  • The durability of the product is more than one year, which makes it a highly efficient product.

5. Bambalio Paper/CD/Credit Card Cross Cut Shredder 


Bambalio BCC-014 Paper


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Bambalio BCC-014 Paper/CD/Credit Card Cross Cut Shredder lets you shred the large sheets of paper into small pieces of rudimentary sheets. You need not worry about the shredding capacity as the powerful motor and the sharp blades cut right through the sheet of paper when inserted at right angles. No more worries about the fingers being shredded by the paper shredded. A variety of sizes of paper shredding is possible, which makes it exciting to be used. No more worries about the old CDs as they can also be shredded using the shredder. Don’t worry about removing the staplers as the ones which are stapled can also be shredded Thick bundles of paper, not more than 8, can be shredded without jamming the paper.


  • The bin of the paper shredder is large enough to carry a large mass of shredded paper
  • The efficiency of the motors are very high, hence can run for a longer time before resting
  • Highly small in size thus can save a lot of space in the office.

6. AmazonBasics Paper Shredder Machine


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AmazonBasis Paper Shredder Machine can be used for a paper that has been very old or even for CDs or DVDs which are pretty old. You need not have to sit beside the shredder to shred the pieces of paper as you can just automate the entire process and need not manually shred them. You can shred the paper for around 20 minutes and let the shredder rest for some time before shredding them again. Easy to shred the plastic money as well as old visiting cards. The large size of the bucket can also be used to shred large pieces before throwing them away. Multiple variations of shredding are possible, which makes it stand out. It is constructed with the best finish, thus making the product last longer.


  • More than 50 sheets of paper can be shredded easily at one go.
  • Resting time of the shredder is about two-quarters of an hour
  • The availability of the product is only in silver and black in color.

7. GBC Duo Paper/CD/Credit Card Cross Cut Shredder

GBC Duo Paper


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GBC Duo Paper/CD/Credit Card Cross Cut Shredder lets you cut through the pieces of paper without being worried about the sizes and the shapes in which they are being cut. With an extremely magnificent shredding blade and the perfect motor, the size of the shredder is also small, which means you can carry the shredder wherever you want it to. The shredding of the paper can also be done with the staplers on the sheets of paper, which makes them even more wonderful. The auto mode of the shredder helps in easy shredding of the paper so you need not stand beside the shredder while shredding. The absence of an alarm for any accidents can be worked upon. Some of the features of the shredder include:


  • Silent shredding, thus no worries about the shredding of the confidential shredding
  • Easy operation, with both manual and auto modes of shredding.
  • The resting time of the machine is more than 40 minutes to prevent the heating of its parts.

8. KBC Micro Cut Paper/CD/CC Shredder 8 Sheets

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KBC Micro Cut Paper/CD/CC Shredder 8 Sheets is one of the most powerful shredders that you can have in your office. The shredder has an automatic mechanism to cool down after every three minutes or so. This is also regarded as one of the most reliable shredders that are available in the market today. You can use this shredder from Fellowes to shred different official paperwork, credit cards, CD’s, as well as other confidential documents. Not only that, but the shredder can also be used to shred as many as 8 papers at one time and the paper that you need to shred can have different forms of cut. It is known for its durability and high powerful steel cutter.


  • The shredder can be used to shred not just official pages but can also be used to shred different CD’s, credit cards, amongst other things.
  • The shredder has the functionality of shutting down automatically after every three minutes. This helps to save a lot of power
  • Comes with a safety lock and can be used to shred up to 8 sheets of paper at one time
  • Shredding offered by the Fellowes Power shredder is very simple as well as efficient.

9. Zitium Paper Shredder Machine for Office

Ooze MDI Shred Plus 8 Sheets High-Security Shredder


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Zitium Paper Shredder Machine for Office can be used to shred different types of official papers, CD’s, as well as a credit card. This makes this shredder versatile. This is one of the simplest and fastest shredders that can be used in your office to shred all the confidential information. The design of the product is such that the shredder becomes convenient to handle. Its advanced technology protects the shredder from being overheated and there is an automatic shut down when the shredder starts to overheat. This, in turn, helps to preserve a lot of energy.


  • The shredder has multiple purposes. You can use it to shred not just the official papers that are confidential, but also things such as credit cards, CD’s, etc. can also be shredded
  • The shredder saves a lot of power. There is the functionality of automatic shutdown, which means that after every three to four minutes, the paper shredder will shut and cool down
  • There is a manual reverse function as well which makes the shredder extremely useful. This is particularly important if a paper gets jammed when you try to shred it.
  • The product is simple and easy to use which makes it so reliable and in demand.

10. Pilot 15CC Shredder Machine



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Pilot 15CC Shredder Machine is one of the most reliable and powerful paper shredders that are available in the market. What makes this shredder different from the other two that have been described above is that this comes with two different slots. While one slot is meant to shred paper, the other is meant to shred other items such as CD’s, credit cards, and other official things. You can use this shredder to shred cross-cut papers and you should give adequate rest to the paper shredder after every two to three minutes of use.  


  • The shredder comes with two different slots. That is what makes this shredder different and stand out. While one slot can be used to shred official papers, the second slot is used to shred other official items
  • The seller gives a one- year warranty in this case. In the case of manufacturing defects, you will get the aforesaid warranty if you have bought the product from Gobbler.
  • The volume of the bin is adequate and it can be used to shred up to 15 liters of papers.

How To Choose A Right Paper Shredder For Your Office

In order to buy a paper shredder, you must look into a few factors. We here look into these factors in form of these checklists, as it will help you to purchase the perfect paper shredder for yourself:

  • Security grades: People obviously go for a paper shredder in a bid to ascertain high-level security. So if you want to get a shredder you also need to take care of the aspect of security with it. Look for the technical knowledge regarding the shredder. All of the paper shredders come along with a DIN number which grades the security in a range of 1 to 7.
  • Need for paper shredder: The type of paper shredder that you will be needed is based on the level of usage that is required for you. A shredder for a simple home usage comes with a small capacity and performance levels while the one for office usage comes with a lot of features and functionality.
  • Mode of operation: Prefer a paper shredder that works on the auto mode of operation as it would mean you need not have to stand in front of the shredder all the time while you are shredding the paper. That way you can do your work and let the paper shredder do the work for you.
  • Size of the bucket: Paper shredder comes with different sizes and variants. Prefer buying a paper shredder which has enough size of the bucket which can collect a huge amount of waste and shredded paper, without the worry of being changed over and over again. It is time you collect all the waste in one place and shred them the right way. That will give you an easy time operating the shredder.
  • Heating and resting: Proper resting time of the shredder must be given such that you can let the shredder rest before being ready for the next set of papers. It is often suggested that you look for a paper shredder that has perfect shredding and resting time balance so that there won’t be much of a performance hassle and delay when it comes to shredding of the paper.
  • Overheating and noise: Prevent buying those paper shredders which gets over-heated with time. Without any form of worry, you should be able to shred the paper, as any form of overheating could result in damaging the paper shredder. Prefer a shredder which produces less noise, as it will be perfect for office use and won’t affect the office’s work environment.
  • Motor: Just as we talked about above, paper shredder and their motor requires am the ambit of time for cooling and running. Different types of paper shredder come with varying types of motor. Some of the home usage or office usage shredder has a motor that can carry on for 30 minutes while the heavy-duty ones can go for a long period of time.
  • Turnaround time: This factor comes into play when you intend to use the shredder for a long haul. The manufacturer normally indicates all the parameters like sheet capacity, feet per minute and run time. You can simply multiply these parameters to find out the shredder score. This way you can find the turnaround time and decide the one for yourself accordingly.

Other than the points mentioned above, look for branded products with good after-sale services along with excellent return policies. If you are buying the product online, look for a mode of delivery, which makes it easy for you to receive the product.

Types of Paper Shredder

There are three different types of paper shredder based on the mechanism and the security level that they can provide for. These are termed as Strip Cut, Cross Cut, and Micro-Cut and we here look into each of them in detail.

  • Strip Cut: For the first one in our list we have the strip-cut model-based paper shredder. Strip-cut is generally used along for non-sensitive documents and features long, thin striped of paper after it is being shredded for. These strips are often visible and are termed as risky for confidential data. This shredder can cut the paper vertically and produce over 39 strips from one single A4 size based paper. Although it is one of the most common of the shredders around, this one has the lowest standard test rate around.
  • Cross-cut: Next up we look at the cross-cut based shredder system. Cross-cut has quite an enhanced security form in comparison to the strip based shredder. It is suited for confidential data and has a diagonal based cross-cutting approach. It shreds the paper in diamond-shaped pieces which can be difficult to restore the information for. It is also known as Confetti-cut shredder and can cut over 400 pieces from one single A4 sized paper.
  • Micro-cut: The last one on our list is micro-cut shredder. This one is one of the highest ordeals of security options when it comes to paper shredding. The mechanism around micro-cut shredding is about shredding of paper into tiny square-shaped pieces thatare almost unrecognizable. It has the capacity to cut the A4 size paper into 3700 small pieces. They are one of the most secure means of shredding the paper adhering to it the level of security it provides. This one is most preferred by large scale organizations that have a large amount of paperwork and highly confidential data to shred for.

Any organization with the need for paper shredder can get the one based on the level of confidentiality required by them accordingly from the strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut variant.

Paper Shredder Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Difference Among Different Shredders?

Generally, the main difference among different shredders is the security they offer and the type of cut they produce. With trip-cut shredders, you can achieve faster cuts and comparatively better security. On the other hand, cross-cut shredders cut the papers into small pieces, which provides the highest security. The shredders that produce spaghetti-like cuts provide very low security because these paper cuts can be reassembled easily.

  • What Other Things Can I Cut with A Paper Shredder?

Most paper shredders can be used for cutting different items, excluding papers. The best paper shredders can handle paper clips and odd staples as well. Moreover, you can also shred credit cards and compact discs by using the best paper shredder. Sometimes these items also can contain some confidential items that you need to dispose of.In that case, paper shredders come in handy.

  • How to Apply Shredder Oil?

Crosscut shredders need lubrication to function properly for a long time. For this reason, using shredder oil is crucial with your shredder. If you use any other oil to lubricate your shredder, then it can void the manufacturer’s warranty. To apply the shredder oil on your shredder, you can take a piece of paper and spread a small amount of oil on the paper in a zig-zag motion. After that, feed the paper into the shredder to lubricate it.

  • In What Frequency Should I Lubricate My Shredder?

It depends on the paper shredder size that you use and how frequently you use the shredder. If you shred less than 50 pieces of paper per week, then you should consider lubricating the machine every other day. But if you are shredding a large number of papers every day, then you will need to lubricate the machine every half an hour to ensure appropriate performance.

  • What Is Sheet Capacity of a Paper Shredder?

Usually, the sheet capacity of a paper shredder is determined as the number of sheets that the machine can shred in one pass. You can find this number written on the shredders. Most paper shredders work as per the sheet capacity mentioned by the manufacturer, but you should feed a little smaller number of papers than the specified number for optimal performance.

Apart from that, paper shredders also have other capacities like sheets per day, motor speed, and feet per minute. So, you should consider these points while buying a paper shredder for appropriate performance.


Having the best paper shredder reduces the worry manifold. With so many options around for shredding the paper, you don’t need to delve into tearing the paper apart time and again. Just say goodbye to the age-old technique of tearing and spreading the room with scattered pages with the help of modern-day paper shredder. You can get the best paper shredder as per your need with the range of features and functionality in the market. We hope this buying guide and type of paper shredders help you to find the best one for yourself.