10 Best Office Bags For Ladies In India 2022 – Reviews & Guide

An office bag is essential for ladies as they have to carry multiple things at once. If you want to avoid carrying multiple bags just for certain items, then you need to buy a spacious office bag. By using a good quality office bag will help in improving your style quotient and help you carry all the required things. When you start to look online for all the options for office bags, it might confuse you. There are so many great options available at the online stores that it will become difficult for you to buy any office bags. If you want to buy an office bag under a budget price, then you need to look for multiple features in it. Only after you look for certain features in office bags, then you can decide whether it is good for you or not. If you are looking for some good office bags, then here are some of the options that you can consider:

1. Women Marks Women’s Tan PU Handbag

Women Marks Women

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It is one of the most amazing products for smart girls and women. If you like to try a new office bag design, then this is one of the best options available right now. This bag is quite stylish and becomes an instant hit amongst all the ladies. One of the best color options for this handbag is Tan which gives a refreshing look. The compartments in these bags will help you to carry all the essential things at once. You can carry it with almost every outfit and it will add glamour to your look. The handbag is only 13 cm wide and 40 cm long with four compartments in it. The overall look of this handbag is quite amazing as it gives you a formal and casual look which makes it perfect for office use. The zippered will help in keeping the essentials inside the bag safe.


  • The formal design makes it perfect for office
  • Easy to carry the bag
  • Perfectly match with almost every dress


  • Only one color option available for this office bag

2. BFC- Buy For Change Women Sling Bag

BFC- Buy for change Fancy Stylish Elegant Women

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If you want to buy a premium office bag then this is another great option. This faux leather office bag gives you a classy feel and the navy blue color is great for office use. The height of the bag is 25.5 cm and its length is 26 cm. It is a highly rated bag with quality assurance from the brand. The designer sling in the office bag means that it can be used for parties. By using the bag in multiple ways will help you to use it without any issues. Another great thing about this office bag is that it is compact in size, which means that it is easy to carry around. You can keep your cash or cards in the bag without any problems.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Three compartments to keep different things separately
  • The highest quality of material for a durable bag
  • Wear it for office parties


  • Some users might find it compact

3. Inkdice Women Handbag For Office 


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This black color office bag is the best choice for all the ladies, as it adds a unique feel to the overall personality. Black is always a universal color that can match any outfit. As you already know that bag blags are ideal for office use, so you can consider buying this one without any doubt. It is a casual type bag with a sleek design making it easier to wear for multiple uses. The dual handle on the bag means that you will get a better grip over the bag. The inner lining of the bag is quite smooth and makes the bag durable. It has four pockets and  2 main compartments along with 1 front & 1 rear compartment. For the users who are worried about any defect during manufacturing, the product comes with a replacement warranty.


  • The replacement warranty for a manufacturing warranty
  • Smooth bag and easy to use
  • Perfect size for an office bag
  • Durable product to use it for a long time


  • No major cons

4. Women Marks Women’s Handbag 

Women Marks Women

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All the women who want to buy a compact and stylish handbag, you can prefer buying this amazing product. If you are looking for an office bag, then you can easily consider this product as it is casual and stylish at the same time. The brown color option is best, as it is the perfect color for the office bags. You will get an adequate compartment in the bag which makes it easy to carry multiple things at once. The handle of the bag is quite strong, so you can take the burden off your shoulders. If you are going for a casual walk, then you can take this bag to carry some essential items. There are three compartments in the bag with one pocket, which gives you proper space for carrying your items.


  • Stylish and trendy office bag
  • Durable bag to use it for a long time
  • Enough space to carry essential items


  • It can get damaged if kept under sunlight for too long

5. BFC-Women Sling Bag with Adjustable Strap 


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This office bag is made from Faux leather which means that it will look good for a long time without losing it shine. The dark blue color bag has three amazing flowers on it, which will surely get the attention of your office colleagues. In the bag, you will get an adjustable strap so that you do not face any problems in carrying it around. There are two compartments in the bag with 1 pocket to give ample space for keeping the essential office items. The bag is perfect for the office and casual use, as you can also take it with you during a party. One of the main selling points of this bag is style, and if you are looking for something trendy then this is the correct choice.


  • Beautiful design which looks pleasing
  • Easy to carry around
  • Made from the highest quality of PU Fabric
  • Long-lasting and quality tested product


  • Keep the bag away from heat and moisture

6. Fantosy Women Shoulder Bag

Fantosy women shoulder bag

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Stay in trend in the New year with this amazing office bag. You can buy this shoulder bag which is available in maroon color and a casual type bag. It is one of the best options available for the office bag which ensure that everything is perfect. If you are worried about the quality of the bag, then you will receive a 1-year warranty on the Manufacturing defect with replacement. This office bag has a double reinforced handle which makes it quite strong to use. You can use the bag for multiple purposes as you can easily carry it to office, college, or parties. The buyers will get enough space in the bag to carry multiple items at once as thee are two big compartments with 2 external pockets.


  • Durable great silver hardware
  • Superb stitching quality
  • Rivet protection at the bottom to make the bag durable
  • 2 external pockets to keep important documents


  • No major cons

7. PARADOX  Nylon Water Resistant Backpack (Black)


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Another great office bag, which is made from Soft Durable PU leather to ensure long-lasting performance. The nylon fabric materials used in the bag provide better function. The back zipper of the back design is made with Anti-theft function which helps in keeping your bag and belongings safe. There are two pockets on the exterior and two interior pockets, so you can simply keep all the items at different places. The bag has enough space to carry items like iPad, wallet, umbrella, glasses case, cell phone. Cosmetics, books and many other things. This office bag is made up of nylon material which is known for its strength.


  • Large bag, perfect for office use
  • Soft and durable bag for your comfort
  • Trendy and stylish bag for multiple uses
  • Multiple pockets to keep items separately


  • It only suits with certain outfits

8. Lavie Betula Women’s Tote Bag


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Lavie Bag is another great option for women who want to get something cute. It is a beautiful bag, which you can use for the office or take along when going shopping. This office bag will add a premium look to your overall fashion statement. If you want to try something different with the new year, then you should consider buying this brown color bag. The outer material of the bag is made from PU while the inner material is made by using fabrics. The bag might look compact, but it has multiple compartments and pockets to easily store multiple items. The zip closure in the bag ensures that you can keep your items safe inside the bag.


  • Cute office bag which can also be used for casual purpose
  • Brings a change to your regular style
  • Carry multiple things in the office bag


  • Available in only one color option

9. Lapis O Lupo Arancione Women Handbag

Lapis O Lupo Arancione Women Handbag

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One of the things that you should always check in an office bag is whether it looks classy or not. Well, this bag surely gives a casual office look which will help in completing your office look. This blue bag is perfect for an office or casual use. You will get three-compartment in the bag, which is perfect to carry your makeup essentials or important office documents. The bag has a sleek design which gives it a perfect look. It is easy to carry around due to its small size and the gold loops at the base gives it a unique look. The bag is hand-stitched which can provide you the guarantee of the product.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Metal construction in bag
  • External compartment for essential items
  • Spacious compartments for multiple storages
  • Gold looks available at the base


  • Water or extreme heat can damage the bag

10. Premium  Women Leather Backpacks

Premium 2018 New Women Leather Backpacks

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It is a perfect office bag if you want to get something cute and simple. This bag is the combination of the trendy and stylish backpack, in which you will get a perfect looking bag. You will get ample space in this bag in which you can comfortably hold a laptop or a tablet. If you are going to your office then you can take books and important documents in the bag. It also has ample space for an iPad or iPad mini, so you can easily use it. The closure option in this bag is by using the zippers which help in keeping items safe and secure.


  • Available in different color variants
  • Cute bag for office or casual use
  • Easily carry multiple items
  • Strong and durable


  • Might not suit on every lady

How To Choose Ladies Office Bags – Features to Consider

As you already know, there are many options for office bags for ladies available in the market under a certain price tag. If you are planning to buy a new ladies office bag then you can consider all these things to find the best option:

Design of the office bags for ladies

One of the most important things to consider before you buy the office bags is their design. If you want to buy a beautiful bag, then you need to find out all the options available in the market. You cannot buy a fancy looking bag for the office, as it does not give a professional look. That is why you need to look for a bag with a simple and elegant design so that you can use it for daily use. Such things are essential so that you can buy the best office bags.

Size or portability of office bags for ladies

When you plan to buy a new office bag, then you might have a lot of things in mind. Most people forget to consider the size of the bag. It is essential that you look for office bags that can carry multiple items at once. Check out the number of side pockets or hidden pockets in the bag to ensure that there are no problems. Such things are important so that you do not face any problems when using the bag for regular use.

Brand of office bags for ladies

It is essential that you consider the brand of the office bags for ladies. Everyone wants to buy expensive branded products, but if you are under a budget then you need to look for certain brands. There are many companies that provide office bags under a certain price tag. So you need to consider using their help for buying the office bags to avoid any type of issue.

Color of the ladies office bags

The color of the office bags is also essential so that it can match with all your outfits. You need to look for an office bag with light colors instead of bright ones, which is not good. Black office bags are common, so you can look for more options of office bags in this color. While there are no rules about the color of office bags, so you can try out more options and look for the bag which suits you the best. You need to check out all the color variants available for the office bags.

Bag Material

You should purchase a work bag that has the highest quality to ensure proper performance. In general, it is not a good idea to invest in a product that doesn’t make any sense. This is why you should opt for a leather work bag to ensure maximum quality. Choose a leather bag that looks good and has a simple design for ease of use.


Pockets are an important feature of work bags that allows you to keep multiple things in your bag in an organized manner. The work bag should include at least one external zip pocket to keep your phone and keys. Moreover, it should also include some internal pockets to keep things like business cards, pads, pens, etc.

After considering all these things in the office bags, you can easily find the best office bags under your budget.

Essentials For A Working Woman’s Bag

If you are a working woman, then there are certain important things that you will need daily at your workplace and for your personal use. You just need to leave those things in your bag only as you will not be able to pack all those essential things the next day morning, as every day is going to be a busy day for a working woman. So, here are some essentials for a working woman’s bag…


Earphones are very useful and important for anyone. When you are traveling to the office on a bus or a train, you can happily enjoy some music or it will be easy for you to take phone calls as well.

Mobile charger:

Your mobile juice will not last for a long time, especially if you are using a smartphone with so many apps loaded in it. Having a mobile charger in your bag can be very helpful for you to charge your phone whenever you are running out of juice on your mobile phone.

Power bank:

You may forget to charge your phone when you are in the office and your phone may die on your way home. If you have to make an emergency phone call, it is not going to be easy for you to find a charging point and then charge the phone. Emergencies are unpredictable and hence having a small portable power bank can be a good option.


It is very important to have a wallet with some needy cash in your bag. You can make online transactions at most of the places but there are certain places where you will need just cash and so it is important to have cash in your wallet.


Your house keys, car keys, drawer keys or any other keys that you will need when you are stepping out of the house and till you step back into the house should be carried in your bag. There are small compartments in your bag that can help you place the keys in them so that you don’t have to dig deep into the bag’s bottom to find the keys.

Intimate needs:

You should always make sure that you are carrying your intimate needs like sanitary pads in your bag. You can small zipped pocket for storing this kind of item in the bag.

Pen and notepad:

A pen is a very important thing that everyone should be carrying with them wherever they go, whether it is an office, bank or anywhere. Do not forget to carry one pen always with you. A small scribbling pad along with the pen can be very useful as you can make a note of anything important.


A small hairbrush is very important as your hair may get messy on your way to the office. It can be very useful for you to look perfect when you are stepping into the office. You can ignore it if you are having very small hair.

These are the top 10 options for the office bags available for the ladies. Just like new resolutions are made every year, you need to bring some change to your style. Most of these bags will match perfectly with your office outfit and ensure that you look stylish and professional. You can find other color variants for the office bag, which ensures that everyone gets a bag that they like. With multiple storage options in the bag, you can easily store various essential things in your bag. The office bags are made from the superb quality of the product, which ensures that it will last for a long time.