10 Best Note Counting Machines in India 2022 [Cash Counting Machine]

In India when you hear about cash counting machines, the first thing that comes to your mind is banks. Yes, it is in the banks that you usually see the cash counting machines but nowadays some businesses are also using them. Counting a lot of currency notes manually can be a daunting task and there are even chances of making errors. Currency counting machines can be very helpful in counting the notes and it can be done in just a few seconds, which is not possible when you are doing it manually. It is not just banks where the note counting machines can be used. In any place where you see a need to count a huge number of notes, any kind of business, these counting machines can be very helpful.

Note counting machines are not just used for counting notes, but also can be used for detecting fake notes as well. As per Indian Government reports there are so many fake notes in the Indian market today and it can be really difficult to differentiate between a fake note and an original note by a human being.

Best Buy Cash Counting Machines Online in India

Cash counting machines are made using the latest technologies and they can detect fake notes with ease. This is one of the biggest advantages of using note counting machines with fake note detection features. So, the note counting machines can save you time and also save you from fake notes. There are many best brands available in the Indian market and it can get tough for you to pick the best seller from so many brands. This article contains the list of the top 10 best note counting machines in India today and will also guide you on how to buy the right note counting machine. Read carefully about each note counting machine, its pros, and cons, and then you are all set to buy the machine for your office.

You will be able to find hundreds of different note counting machine brands in India and different models from each brand. You will be able to see it even if you start searching on the internet. With so many options popping up on your screen, you cannot decide on one single machine. So, here is the list of some bestselling note counting machines in India. Go through the list and make the right choice.

#1.Ooze Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector


Ooze Note Counting machine

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First, in the list, you have the Ooze Note counting machine. This machine will be able to count 1000 notes in just one minute. Its speed and affordable price are the best things about this counting machine. It is compatible with old notes and also new notes and hence you will not have any kind of problem in using it. Along with the speed, you also have automatic stop and start for batches and hence you will be able to save a lot of time. It comes with a watermark sensor, Magnetic sensor, and UV sensors. It can also be used for detecting fake notes. It has two LED displays and each for a specific purpose. All these features come at a very affordable price.


  • Very efficient note counting machine.
  • Counts 1000 notes in one minute
  • Compatible with new notes
  • Detects fake notes
  • Auto starts and stop for batches.


  • The machine is a bit slow when it comes to counting the old notes.

2. Swaggers Latest Updated Money Counting Machine

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Always you should go for a note counting machine that is manufactured using advanced and latest technologies. Magnetic sensors, watermark sensors, and UV sensors are the latest technology and this machine has these features. That will help you in a great way. This Swaggers note counting is one of the latest machines for note counting. You will be able to count notes of any denomination. Double notes and fake notes can be detected with the help of this note counting machine. This Swagger note counting machine has a self-examination feature, auto start and stop for batches and you can also add two batches. It has the capacity to count 1000 notes in a minute and the input capacity is 200 notes at a time.


  • The advanced technology of the machine makes it accurate with results
  • The machine is very easy to use


  • The quality of the material used in making the product is not really satisfying.

3. SToK Note Counting Machine Compatible with Old & New INR

SToK ST – MC01 note counting machine

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Fake notes are quite common these days and it is very important to use a note counting machine that can detect fake notes. If you are looking for a counterfeit note detection machine, then this SToK ST – MC01 is the right choice. This machine is known for detecting both new and old notes. Double notes can also be easily detected with the help of this machine. Like other machines, this machine will also detect 1000 notes per one minute. The hopper capacity of the machine is 300 notes and the stack capacity is 200 notes. The price of this counting machine is quite affordable for every business, but you still will be able to get a good quality machine. You will also get a cleaning brush and silicon rubber ring for replacement. USD and EURO notes can also be detected using this machine.


  • Defected notes and half notes can be detected easily
  • Double notes can be detected.
  • Fake notes are detected.
  • You have two operating modes manual and automatic. You can set it according to your choice.


  • It gets a bit slow when counting old notes.

4. Godrej Crusader Lite Cash Counting Machine


Godrej Crusader Lite


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A very simple note counting machine along with a fake note detection feature at an affordable is something that everyone wants. Godrej Crusader Lite is the one that you are looking for. The TFT display screen of the note counting machine is big and hence displays the digits very clearly. UV sensor, Infra Red sensor, and magnetic sensors are present in this counting machine and hence it ensures good accuracy. Half notes and double notes can easily be detected with the help of this machine. Batch self-examination and batch adding features are also available in this machine. You should make sure that you are placing the notes in the right way and also take care that if the notes are folded at the ends, those notes may not be detected. So, it is very important to make sure that notes are in good condition.


  • TFT display screen
  • High-speed counting
  • InfraRed, UV sensor, and Magnetic sensors


  • It detects only the notes that are in proper condition. Slightly folded notes will not be detected.
  • Display fails most of the time.

#5. TVS Electronic Cash Counting Machine For Heavy Duty Use

TVS Electronics Cash Counting Machine


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One of the most reliable and affordable options in cash counting machines is from TVs. This machine is suitable for heavy-duty operations, and it uses UV, IR, and MG to detect counterfeit notes. The speed of the machine is quite impressive since it can count up to 1200 notes every minute. There is a batch function available in the machine, and the display shows you all the details. Since the machine supports automatic count mode, you won’t have to calculate the money. It can easily detect old and new notes, which helps you count money and detect fakes. There is no such maintenance required for this machine, and it runs a self-diagnostics every time you start the machine. In addition, it recalibrates itself to ensure that you get an accurate result every time. TVS also provides a one-year warranty on this machine, so you can directly reach out to the brand in case of any issue. The machine is also not bulky, and you will find it easy to use. If you are looking for something reliable, we would recommend you buy a TVS Electronic Cash Counting Machine. It is affordable, useful, and durable.


  • It has a counting speed of 1200 notes per minute
  • Supports and detects old as well as new currency notes.
  • It comes with one year warranty.
  • It comes with automatic mode, and it detects fake notes too.


  • Sometimes, the note flies out of the machine.

6. Gold Standard Portable LCD Display Note Counting Machine


Gold Standard Portable LCD display note counting machine


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Are you looking for the best fake note detection machine along with the note counting facility? Then Gold Standard Portable LCD display note counting machine. The counting machine has an LCD display and it also comes with an extra LED display counter. This is a separate counter. The counting machine comes with various sensors and they are going to beep the alarm when the notes do not have an MG sensor or UV character. It can be used for counting and detecting both old and new Indian notes. Along with that, you can also count Euro currency and US dollars as well. The counterfeit detection is made easy with the help of the metal thread scanning feature. The process of operating and some of the best features of this machine make it one of the best note counting machines in India.


  • Excellent design
  • Metal thread scanning for fake note detection.
  • Counts really fast
  • Detects both Indian and other currencies as well.
  • Ease of usage
  • Beep alarm in case of fake notes.


  • No cons so far.

#7. Ooze LCD Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector


Ooze JN1682 LCD note counting machine

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Ooze note counting machines are a brand for those who are looking for the best machines at cheaper rates. Ooze JN1682 LCD machine is definitely a good choice in note counting machines at a low budget. This Ooze JN1682 LCD is advanced and comes with some amazing and interesting features. Along with counting the new 500 notes and 2000 notes, it also counts very fast. 1000 notes can be counted in just 1 minute. Fake notes or counterfeit notes can be easily detected with this machine. This basically a manual counting machine where you can set the features according to your requirements. Clicking just count will give count the notes alone without checking for fake notes. You can click on MG for checking fake notes and UV also for fake notes. Start and Reset buttons to clear the previous count and start counting.


  • Easy to use
  • Do not take a lot of time for counting
  • Reduces labor and saves time


  • Manual operation

8. Kores Easy Count 440 Notes Counting Machine


Kores easy count 440 notes counting machine

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One of the well-known brands in note counting machines is Kores. This Kores easy count 440 notes counting machine can count 900 notes in one minute. Along with the Indian currency, you can also use this machine for detecting Euro and USD notes. This machine can work continuously for two hours without any break. The display screen is big enough to see the values clearly and also in case of any error, the color of the display screen will change. This makes it easy for you to check when there is any error. Counterfeit notes, double notes, and fake notes alarm is present and that can help in easy detection of fake notes. The weight of the counting machine is also light and you can move it easily from place to place. You have added up functions and preset counting features for easy counting.


  • One of the best counting machines at that price.
  • The counting speed is quite good.
  • No noise while counting notes
  • Continuous working for almost 2 hours
  • Can count 900 notes at a time


  • No cons so far

9. Gobbler Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector


Gobbler GB5388 Note counting machine

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If you are someone who is dealing with currency notes every day and worried about fake notes, then you will need a good and latest note counting machine with a fake note detection feature. Gobbler GB5388 is the note counting machine made using the latest technologies like UV sensors, infra red sensor, MG sensor, and MT sensors as well and hence you will be able to enjoy the latest features as well. Manual and auto function keys are available with this machine for operation. A color-changing LCD display is also available for better detection of fake notes. You also get one year warranty for manufacturing defects and this definitely one of the best features at this price.


  • Color changing LCD display
  • Easy to count new and old notes of any denomination
  • Very accurate
  • Detected fake and half notes


  • No cons so far

10. Bambalio Note Counting Machine – Golden Look

Bambalio BEE-3900 note counting machine

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Next in the list, you have the Bambalio BEE-3900 note counting machine. This machine also has the speed of counting 1000 notes in one minute, but the price of this machine is quite affordable when compared to the other machines you have seen so far. This counting machine is compatible with both old and new currency notes and hence you can check the latest 500 and 2000 notes with ease. Along with the Indian currency checking, this counting machine is suitable for even checking currencies from other countries as well. Half notes or damaged notes can be easily detected by this machine. The automatic start and stop button helps in the automatic operation and saves a lot of time. This machine comes with one year warranty. The color of the machine is also quite unique and it’s gold in color.


  • Counts old and new Indian currency
  • Counts currencies of other countries as well
  • The color of the machine is unique


  • The machine is made of delicate material

11. Mycica Note Counting Machine – Red Colour

Mycica Note counting machine

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Last, in the list, you have the Mycica note counting machine and this is also one of those machines in the lower price range. This counting machine comes with both manual and automatic controls and hence you can operate it in the way you like it. The speed of the machine is quite good and can count 1000 notes per minute. This is one of the most popular brands for detecting fake notes. The add feature of the note is also very useful as you will be able to add the already counted number to the current count and that saves you a lot of time. Batch mode is also available which enables you to set limits for the counting. Any kind of problem while counting like counterfeit notes, jamming of notes, half notes, or damaged notes, you will get an alarm sound. That makes it easy for you to check the notes.


  • Counts 1000 notes with no error in one minute
  • Alarm in case of jamming of notes
  • Two display screens to see the count
  • The color of the machine is attractive


  • Light and delicate machine used for the making of the machine.

How Do Cash Counting Machines Work?

Cash counting machines are now becoming a more common tool to have in banks and in shops where the cash transaction is relatively higher than others. However, if you wonder how a machine can detect the currency, this is the right place to dive in. To answer, we can say that they have special sensors to detect the key identifications of the currency notes. Depending on the brand and model you are buying for yourself, you can be assured of getting better results. Here’s a brief introduction to how the cash counting machines work and whether they are reliable or not. Using the cash counting machine is quite simple. The only thing you need to do is to deck up the currency notes to the designated part of the machine, switch it on and the rest will be taken care of by the machine. Now, though it looks simple, the internal note detecting mechanism of the machine can differ according to the type of machine you have chosen. Here is a brief description of the different mechanisms by which a currency counting machine works. Have a look at them and choose the best one out for your needs.

  • On the basis of note’s dimensions

Notes’ dimensions are among the most important thing to detect legit currency notes. And as the dimensions of every currency note category are different, the machine detects the size differentiates between them flawlessly. The machine detects the predefined dimensions of the banknote and categorizes them accordingly.

  • Checking the special ink

In addition to the size, another way to differentiate between the currency notes is the ink. Ink is also a great way to differentiate between a legit bank currency and a fake one.So, if your cash counting machine has this feature, you can also figure whether the banknote is legit or not. The special ink reacts differently to the light and UV rays and this is what the machine detects to check whether the note is real or fake.

  • Checking the codes on the notes

The currency notes have different codes on them. These codes differentiate between them and make them different from the fake ones. These cash counting machines detect these codes on the notes and categorize them accordingly. These codes along with the different signs on the notes make it easier for the machine to categorize them. These three are the most common ways in which a cash counting machine works on. By detecting the note, these cash counting machines can be extremely beneficial for your business.

How To Choose a Note Counting Machine – Features To Consider

When you are confused about which note counting machine to choose from the available options, then it is always the buyer’s guide that can help you. This list will consist of all the features that you need to consider when you are buying a note counting machine. You should look for all features, but you need to pay more attention to the features that are most important for you in your work. So, let us get started with the list of features to consider while buying a note counting machine in India. Every feature listed here is very important, but you should understand which feature is useful for you. The price of the machine changes when you are looking for more advanced features and hence always pay attention to the price of the machine as well before you decide on the machine. You can get the complete details of the machine and its price on the internet and that can be very useful.

  1. Counting options

The first thing to look for is the counting option and you have three types of counting options. Firstly, the counter counting option, which just displays the number of notes inserted, the Second type is mixed bill and this will display the number of notes along with the total value. The final one is the Bill sorter, which has multiple trays to separate each denomination into a separate tray.

  1. Type

There are basically two types of counting machines. One is a portable machine and that operates with the help of a battery. It is light in weight and you can carry it to any place with ease. But you will be able to countless notes on this type of machine. The other type is electric powdered and this machine needs electricity for operating. It counts faster and also a large number of notes.

  1. Fake note detector

Almost all the latest note counting machines come with this feature but there is also machine without this feature. Keeping in mind the present situation in the market as there are a lot of fake notes, you will need a fake note detector in your counting machine. A number of sensors will be present in the machine to detect fake notes, half notes, damaged notes, and double notes.

  1. Speed

The number of votes counted in one minute gives you the counting speed of your notes counting machine. You will be able to find counting machines with a speed from 800 notes to 1500 notes in one minute. The higher the counting speed, the higher is the time you can save. So, always choose a machine with a higher counting speed.

  1. Hopper Size

You should always keep in mind that hopper size and capacity are also very important. If the size of the hopper is not sufficient, it can affect the counting speed of the machine. When the hopper size is high, you will be able to count the number of notes in the machine in very little time.

  1. Updating of Software

The rules of the government can change at any time and you should always make sure that you are buying a counting machine that supports software updates. Investing on a machine that does support software updation, then you are merely wasting your money. You should be able to update the machine with just one click of software update when the government makes any kind of changes. That means, you can work on the same machine and need not have to invest on a new machine.

Currency Counting Machines FAQs

  1. How are Accurate Currency Counting Machines?

Currency or Bill counting machines definitely make your experience flawless while counting money, and it helps with productivity. During the purchase, you can find several options, where choosing a smart currency machine is effective because it can trace down fake bills and let you know about them. On the other hand, these machines go for a double count with effective speed. So, currency counting machines are always accurate with negligible chances of failure, but instead of trusting blindly, you can go for a second round with the same machine.

  1. Is Currency Counting Machine Worthy of their Price?

In a business where you have to count the number of notes, currency counting machines can reduce the need of several people to count notes. It makes you hire fewer people, and a single machine costs less than the salary of one person. Due to this, you can say that currency counting machines are worthy of prices, and they can serve a better need. A typical money counting machine costs less than Rs.3000 to Rs.4000, and it can easily fulfill your need in an effective manner.

  1. Can you use a currency counting machine to count coins?

A few manufacturers offer this feature to count coins, and they use a different mechanism to sort out coins. They are effective, but they are not part of the currency counting machine. If you want to count notes and coins, then there are some specific options available for a slightly high price, which can easily fulfill your need. The key factor is, you might have to spend extra bucks, and if you don’t have to deal with too many coins, then you can avoid buying coin counter features and save money on the deal.

  1. How to Use a Money Counter Machine with no error?

To begin using a money or currency counter device, you have to stack notes in the right order. It will be better if all the bills are stacked properly, and they don’t have any fold or something. Now, you put these stacked notes in the machine and press the count button. A small screen will display you the number. To ensure that this count is right, pull out these counted notes and stack again in a different position. Chances of error reduce in this method, and you can avoid further issues.

  1. What are the advantages of owning a currency counter machine?

From small businesses to large ones, the currency counter is playing an important role in productivity. It helps to reduce work-hours, requires fewer employees, provides speed counting, and reducing human error. These machines have an option of keeping records, which can come in handy to count how many notes you put inside and how much you took out. For such a low price point, the currency counter machine serves the best need, and they can save you extra bucks for sure.  During the purchase, you can choose the fast currency counter and its working method.


This is the list of the best 10 note counting machines available in India. Due to the availability of so many brands and models in the present market, it may be but tough for you to choose the right machine for your office, but it is definitely not an impossible task. When you have the list of the best machines and you have the points to consider while choosing the notes counting machine, then it is not at all difficult now. All you need to do is just note down the features that are useful for you and then check for the machine that has those features. Just pick two to three and then finalize one which fits into your budget. Quality and price both are important points to consider. So, just start with the list you already have and filter the ones that do not match your requirement. Counting machines can save you a lot of time when you are choosing the right machine.