Best Barcode Scanners in India 2022 [Barcode Reader Machine]

Are you looking for a good quality Barcode Scanner in India? Let us help you! While running a business, store, or warehouse in India, having a record of everything sold is important. A barcode scanner is an essential requirement, which can make everything easy. From categorizing all the items to pulling up prices during the buyers’ checkout, it helps to work flawlessly. Interruption while transaction slows down productivity, and the customer might feel frustrated in such cases. But, there is nothing to worry about with a barcode scanner.

These scanners are effective in tracking inventory with the help of quick swipe, and they are also helpful in storing data on the computer for later use. During the purchase, buyers have this question that these are hard to set up and might be difficult to use, but the truth is far away. “Most of the barcode scanners in India are smart, easy to program, and take less than a few minutes to understand the working.” Manufacturers put extra effort into making these simple, easy to use, and adds plenty of small tweaks so that you can work effectively. Productivity is everything for a business, and this small gear adds up into the same. You can find a huge difference in sales, data management, and having a look at stock left in inventory so that you don’t miss anything.

Best Buy Barcode Scanners Online In India

These scanners work with the help of software that takes the information from the scanner and then prepare a bill according to that. It is a one-time investment which will reflect in sales every month. Those days are gone when the barcode scanner was large steady machines on the table. Now, there is a corded barcode scanner that requires a single glare of barcode, and you are good to go with them. Based on all the advantages, we made a list of the top 9 best barcode scanner in India. These are helpful for small and middle-scale business. Large scale businesses will also find these options effect and considerable. Considering the huge demand and all the features, it might feel hard to land on one product. To ease up the work and help to grab the right deal, below is the list that can help to decide. Let’s have a look –

1. Nishica Laser Automatic Handheld Barcode Scanner


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The Nishica Laser Automatic Handheld Barcode Scanner is manufactured by Taotronics, a leading manufacturer of barcode scanner in India. It is packed with a range of features and the ability to scan a wide range of barcode types. During the use, you can find that it can check UPC/EAN, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Code 93, MSI, and more. The wide range ensures effective use with great versatility.

Along with these factors, compatibility is a major concern, but you don’t have to worry about the same. This barcode scanner works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. And, you can use Quickbook, Excel, Word Novell, and much other software to scan codes. This device supports plug and play, which means that you need to connect the barcode scanner with PC and you are ready to work with the same. It scans at a fast rate, and a single glance from a distance is enough. Hand-held working ensures that you can use it directly.


  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, and Linux.
  • Scan a wide range of 1D, 2D, and linear codes along with QR codes also.
  • Plug and Play device. It supports QuickBooks, Excel, Novell, and others.
  • A lightweight barcode scanner comes with a stand to put on.

2.iBall Wireless High-Speed 1D Barcode Scanner


iBall WBS-650MV 2.4GHZ Wireless High-Speed 1D Barcode Scanner

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The purchase of WBS-650MV from iBall is an effective choice for 1D barcodes. It is good for warehouses where employees don’t have to worry about any other type of code. Even most of the products in India have 1D codes. It is a high-speed barcode scanner that features 2.4GHz Wireless Technology. Most of the time, employees must scan the barcode from large boxes, and it requires lots of mobility. This one works for a long-range, and it is easy to connect with the system, which ensures safe use.

A small USB receiver is also included in the pack. You need to connect the same to PC, and you are good to go. It also supports and plugs & play feature. An employee can connect the barcode scanner with Microsoft Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux. All the platform is supported by it. Compatibility with the software is an essential aspect, and this one works on Quickbook, Word, Excel, and Novell. You can use other types of data management software for the same. The best part about this product is, it comes for a lower price, and it has higher effectiveness at the same time.


  • It comes with 2.4GHz Wireless Technology for quick time scanning.
  • Gives mobility due to long-range and better support.
  • Compatible with all operating systems, and it has shoot reading.
  • It offers a working distance of up to 100 meters in the open area.
  • You can Scan all standard 1D barcodes, and it supports 4M barcodes.

3. Retsol Laser Barcode Scanner


RETSOL D-2060 1D 2D Laser Barcode Scanner

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The purchase of D-2060 from RETSOL is an effective choice because it comes at a similar price as the iBall model, but it is equipped with 1D and 2D scanning feature. It gives you a great response because of the super high-speed scanner or readers used by the manufacturer. It can take 1D, 2D, QR Code & Aadhaar barcode. Due to this reason, it is ideal for a fast-paced scanning environment. Based on all the features, it comes with the function to read barcode from papers as well as mobile. This ensures a safer purchase with effective usability.

Based on the design and effectiveness, its compatibility is the last factor to check. This one connects via a USB cable so you can use it with Microsoft Windows, And Mac OS. There is plenty of software that supports connectivity with this barcode scanner. Managing the database is easy because it is programmable. The best part is, it comes for an affordable price as you look at other deals available in the market for the same category. Plug and Play is also an essential aspect that you can find here with this barcode scanner.


  • Supports plug and play connectivity for effective usability.
  • A long wire with a USB connection at one side for PCs and Laptops.
  • Scan 1D, 2D, QR Code & Aadhaar barcode with high speed.
  • Effective for grocery stores, warehouses, and other businesses.
  • Two years of limited warranty offered by the manufacturer.

4. Intex Barcode Scanner For Shop Use


Intex Barcode Scanner In-101 BS

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In the affordable category, the purchase of In-101 BS from Intex is the best choice for small businesses and lower needs. This barcode scanner has plenty of positive reviews to prove the effectiveness and mobility of the same. Lower prices might compromise in features, but you still get many. Super-fast 1D scanning the best feature because most of the grocery stores and supermarkets have a single type of barcodes. It works effectively to scan and note down all the details. You can connect it with PC and Laptop through the USB cable. It comes with a long wire, and there is a small trigger that lets you check whatever you want to. It has the highest decoding speed in 1D, which is 260lines/sec. The depth of field required by this barcode scanner is 3.3-1000mm.

Along with these factors, you can find out one year of warranty from the manufacturer. The after-sale services from the manufacturer are good enough to help you out. The only con is, it doesn’t come with the compatible software, so you must spend a little time setting it up. Apart from all the aspects, it has one more issue, which is with a trigger. You need to apply a little pressure while pressing the trigger, whereas the above-mentioned products have flawless triggers.


  • The fastest decoding speed of 260lines/sec for 1D barcodes.
  • The depth of Field required by this barcode scanner is 3.3-1000mm.
  • Plug and Play device might require a couple of minutes to finalize.
  • Support working with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • One year of warranty is backed by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

5. Honeywell Eclipse 5145 Barcode Scanner


Honeywell Eclipse 5145 Barcode Scanner

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Honeywell might be a less popular brand, but the purchase of Eclips 5145 is quite a genuine choice due to the genuine build quality and a lower price point. It supports 1D scanning, but it has great speed. This one can scan 72 scan lines per second and help with productivity. Considering the design, it is a handy and very lightweight choice. Normal quality material is used in manufacturing. It has a light on the backside to help you know when it scanned the product. A single glare is enough to scan a product; that’s why it is an effective choice.

The depth of field is also good, and the horizontal angle for scanning is 50€š°. Due to all these advantages, you can claim it as a reliable product of choice. The dimensions of this product are 169 mm x 63 mm x 51 mm, which can make you grab this deal. Apparently, this becomes a genuine deal for lower need, but it has fewer flaws. The after-sale services from the manufacturer are quite messy, and it can take time to get your product claimed. It comes with great support, but you need to spend a little time setting it up with the PC.


  • Easy to connect with PC via USB cable, Support plug, and play.
  • Compatible with a wide range of operating systems and software.
  • It has the scan speed of 72 scan lines per second for effective use.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty on this product.

6. Fronix FB1200 Linear Wired Barcode Scanner


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For the first time buyers of barcode scanners, Everycom might a new brand, but it is offering one of the quality deals with affordable prices. The purchase of Everycom 1D Single Line Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner is better due to the lower price, genuine reviews, and plenty of features. It is compatible with plenty of operating systems, and you can use various software to maintain the database. It supports plug and play that ensure the safer use of the same. Even, it is offering support with RS232, PS2, and USB interface, which help you get better productivity from the same.

The scanning speed of this barcode scanner is 300 lines per second. It offers a resolution of 3mil, and it supports the 5-30cm width of the scan. All this feature with easier usability help getting the best use. The manufacturer is also offering one year of warranty on the same, which can make you grab this deal over the other products. The genuine services and all the features ensure the safer purchase over selecting any other product.


  • It comes with the RS232, PS2 and USB interface support.
  • It can scan 300 lines in one second, which ensures great speed.
  • Plug and Play support with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • The manufacturer offers a oneyear warranty from the date of purchase.

7. Teleport Linear Handheld Barcode Scanner

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The last product of choice is POS007 from Posprint. The reason behind nailing this list is higher compatibility, compact size, easy to use features, and simple design. It has plenty of positive reviews that ensure a safe purchase. The simple design also makes it one of the premium deals. This wired scanner connects via a USB cable to a PC, and you can take readings. It has a high speed working of 150 lines per second. It ensures effective working. The lower price adds another advantage, which can make you get it.

The manufacturer is putting the label of the one-year warranty, but the only trouble is with the after-sale services of the manufacturer. Due to this reason, you should stay a bit selective toward this product. Otherwise, there are plenty of positive factors about the same.

Features –

  • Support 1D barcode, quite effective.
  • It has a speed of 150 lines per second.
  • Support Microsoft and Macintosh OS.
  • It comes with one year of warranty.
  • The long wire and durable material for reliability.

8. Syga Wired Barcode Scanner Laser Barcode Scanne


Wired Barcode Scanner


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There are so many barcode readers out there on the market today, not all of them have the same efficiency or the features. Some of them we reviewed are so poor in quality and efficiency, however, this one is far more better than majority of them. This barcode reader is efficient and could work with any operating system. It could scan up to 200 barcodes per second, but, no one could do so many scans in seconds.

Apart from all the good features incorporated into this, the ergonomics of this barcode scanner is somewhat very good, it is easy to handle and use. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty on this barcoded scanner. If you need barcode scanner that is lightweight and could be handled with ease, you better not neglect this product.

Features –

  • Could read all types of 1D barcodes
  • Ultra fast scanning speed
  • Could do 200 scan per second
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems

9. Henex Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner


Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

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Barcode scanner could be a real pain if they fail to act efficiently when required. If you are looking for a barcode scanner that could scan 1D and 2D barcodes, then, this one is the best for you. This barcode scanner is ergonomic and is designed for commercial heavy-duty use. As already mentioned, it could scan both 1D and 2D barcodes with ease.

The speed of scanning is also pretty impressive. Unlike other generic barcode scanners, this barcode scanner is compatible with all operating systems. While we were reviewing this product, we found that this one has a durable body and good interior shock proofing that could prevent it from damages if feel down.

Features –

  • Plug and play design
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable body
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanning possible
  • Works with all operating system

How to Choose A Barcode Scanner for Office – Features To Consider

For the asset management in businesses, and warehouse, the barcode is widely used. This code has all the basic information stored inside, like where the product is stored and other details. This thing not only eases up the work, but it also helps you know when the stock is getting out. Organized data is always helpful. It lay a hand to know about all the transactions, inventory stock, the left stock, and theft stuff easily. To Buy The right barcode scanner, looking at some essential factor is important. Below are all the important ones –

Types of Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are available in a huge variety where they have plenty of features. During the purchase, you need to learn about the type because this factor matters a lot, and it is totally based on the requirement.

  • One dimensional Barcode Types – For linear barcodes, which are in one dimension, it is a popular type. It can help with Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, and International Article Number.
  • Two-Dimensional Barcode Types – It is a combination of one-dimensional along with additional scanner for better abilities. The best part is, it can scan PDF417, Data Matrix, and QR codes easily.

Lots of details are available on the barcodes we mentioned here. So, it is up to your needs, which one to grab.

Variety of Scanner

As the variety is not about the code type only, there are different types of scanner for the same also. So, you must have a look at the below-given varieties available. These are going to enhance productivity –

  • Laser – One of the most popular options on the market is a laser barcode scanner. It can scan black and white codes by distinguishing the space between two lines. The whole process is called reflection reading.
  • Linear Imager – In the linear imager, you can find the properties of a laser scanner also. It can scan 1D barcodes as well as other types. It works on different technology, and it has a unique mechanism than the laser one.
  • 2D Area Imager – It works by capturing the image and then reading details from the empty spaces and block. The best part about the 2D area imager is, it can scan any type of barcode, but it takes a little time to process than the laser and linear
  • CCD Barcode Scanner – The full form of CCD is Charge Couple Devices. It is made up of a miniature sensor that analyzes the barcode and process with the system to provide all the details about the same.

Apart from it, there is one more type called Pen Readers and Barcode Wands. They have a different kind of work, and they are rare to find.

Form Factor

The last aspect to check during the purchase is the Form Factor of the barcode scanner. They come in different sizes, shapes, and unique mobility features. So, if you are not sure which one suits your needs the most then you can consider form factor as the primary aspect –

  • Handheld – The most common type which takes less time to scan and offer the best productivity for stores and warehouse is Handheld Barcode scanner. These are lightweight and connected with a computer.
  • Presentation – These are also common and used in shopping marts on the countertops where facilitating the barcode help scanning the code. There is no need to pick the scanner, so there is no need for any trigger to scan.
  • Mobile Computer – It can be called as minicomputer where the scanner and the computer or software part is already into one unit. These are small, handy, and best for businesses that don’t have any extra computer.

These are two more types other than these, which are In-Counter and Fixed Mount. Both are common in grocery stores, and these are fixed.

“During the purchase, you can find a couple of designs. The form factors matter a lot with productivity; that’s why knowing the business requirement is important here.”

Key Specification About Barcode Scanner

Apart from the above factors, looking at side facts also matters. There are seven more things that you need to check –

  • Connectivity
  • Ruggedness
  • Mobility
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Power option
  • Wireless or Wired
  • Software compatibility

While checking these factors, you can have a close look at reviews so that you grab a quality deal with ease. Businesses always need high-end options, but sometimes, the purchase of an affordable product that has decent effectiveness and efficient working is better.

Knowing Your Requirement

Having a look at your business requirements is an important aspect to look after. Due to this, you can look at these quick factors –

  • Kind of Use, Indoor, or outdoor use.
  • kind of symbols that you will be scanning
  • A usage, Frequent or Rare.
  • Scanning distance from the Computer.
  • Mobility of employees while scanning.

Scanners are easy to install and set up, but when it comes to buying, knowing the business requirements is an essential aspect.

Barcode Scanning Tips and Tricks

For those users who are using the barcode reader or scanners for the first time handling it and getting the right readings in the first try can be a tough task to accomplish. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can keep in mind and follow to get the best results for the first time. We have listed a few of these tips and tricks here. Go through them and try your hands on them to get the best handling for barcode scanners.

Tip 1. Hold the scanner still

The first thing that you should care for is to hold the scanner with steady hands. Shaky hands can make you start all over again. So, make sure that the product on which the barcode is printed and the scanner both are steady and are at a good distance so that the scanner can easily read the barcode.

Tip 2. Make sure that the barcode is easily visible

The next big thing to care for while using the barcode scanner is to make sure that the barcode is easily visible and free from any dust or any such thing that can obstruct the view. So, to make things easier for yourself, keep the product and scanner clean.

Tip 3. Always use a good quality scanner

Another thing that you should be looking to get the best results is to choose the best-quality scanner that is easier to hold and operate. By doing so, you will be able to use the scanner more efficient and reliable scanning every single time when you use it.

Tip 4. Avoid touching the sensor

Like any other sensor, the barcode scanner’s sensor can also be ruined while touching the fingerprints, dust, and other things. This can severely affect the capability of scanning the barcode. So, make that you do not touch the sensor and keep it free from dust and other contaminants.


A business needs the best product for flawless working and enhancing productivity. With the purchase of a quality barcode scanner, plenty of advantages are easy to gain. It is not only about the speed, but it is about data management, knowing more about inventory, and it helps to understand the needs at the same time. All these factors can help you avoid all kinds of issues with ease.

To take a stress-free decision, looking after our top pick and checking their features will help you, for sure. Do not go after a product that comes for a cheap price point with a poor-quality scanner. They might take time in scanning, and it reduces productivity. One more essential aspect is to look after tools which come with customer support feature and the software compatibility.