7 Best A4 Size Papers In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

One of the most commonly used office supply is A4 papers in India. They are needed to obtain print outs, to make copies of the documents and for a lot of other stuff. You run out of these supplies very quickly and hence you must always keep them stocked to avoid any inconvenience. There are several brands that supply with A4 Size Papers in India but it is certainly worth knowing the best of those brands because this will not only bring down the cost of printing but it will also help you in making an impression. In this article, we have listed some of the best A4 size papers that you can stock up for your office today and we have considered several factors while coming up with this list of Best A4 size papers in Indian market. Go ahead and check them out in the section below.

Best Buy A4 Size Paper Online in India

In this section, we have listed all the best A4 Size papers that you will find in India. We have also listed the features of each paper pack so that you can quickly decide the best one for yourself. Go ahead and check out all these products so as to stock up your office supplies.

1. JK Easy Copier Paper – A4, 500 Sheets, 70 GSM


JK Easy Copier Paper

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The first one on our list is from JK and this one is the best for photocopies and printouts. The quality of the paper is good and you would not face any issues like the smudging of ink. The paper is of good quality and hence you would not face any issues of paper jams. The manufacturer uses a Colour Lock technology during the manufacturing process which ensures that the ink dries quickly. Because of this, the black text also looks bolder and the colours appear to be a lot more vibrant. You can use this for dual side printing and we can assure you that there will be no issues with opacity.


  • White A4 sheets of paper with 70 GSM weight.
  • Features a colour Lock technology which ensures the quick drying and absorption of the ink.
  • Available in a pack of 1 ream and pack of 5 reams

2. Pindia Premium Pack of 100 A4 Size Colour Sheets


Pindia Premium Pack of 100 A4 Size Assorted Colour Sheets

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On number 2, we have a pack of paper from Pindia and this one is not the regular white sheet of paper. These are coloured sheets which are available in a pack of 100. There are some workplaces which also need coloured sheet of papers for various reasons and if you are looking for such sheets then these are the ones for you. Apart from this, they can be used in hobby classes and even in schools. The quality of the paper is also satisfactory and the best part is that you can use them in inkjet printers as well as in laser printers. Each pack contains different colours of paper so you do not have to worry about getting a single colour in the pack.


  • Coloured sheets of paper and a pack contains 100 sheets
  • Can be used with laser as well as inkjet printers
  • Can be used in schools, offices, craftwork and other such things.

3. B2B Copier Paper, A4, 70 GSM, 500 Sheet


B2B Copier Paper

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Next on the list is a set of papers from B2B. These are 70 GSM paper and the best part is that they are made of eco-friendly ECF pulp which has a less impact on the environment. Apart from this, the papers support high speed printing which means that you would not face issues if the printer has a high speed. The paper would not get stuck. You will also be satisfied with the opacity of the paper and hence you will be able to use it for dual size printing which would result in saving a lot of paper as well. Overall, this is a satisfactory product you will find in market.


  • This is a pack of 500 papers and the quality is 70 GSM.
  • The brand uses Eco-Friendly ECF pulp for manufacturing the paper
  • Can be used in high speed printers without any issue.

4. Bilt Paper Sheet Set, A4 Size, 75GSM

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On number 4, we have a pack from BILT. This one is slightly expensive but it is worth the price. We say that because until now, we have talked about 70 GSM papers only. This pack has a sheet of 75 GSM and hence it has superior quality. You can use them with any kind of printer and you will get good results. Apart from this, you the papers are eco-friendly and they are packed in a re-seal pouch which stops the moisture from entering the paper and hence spoiling the crispiness of the paper. The paper also absorbs the ink very quickly which results in a bolder text.


  • This is a pack of 75 GSM paper and each pack contains 50 sheets.
  • The pack can be resealed to avoid moisture from entering in and spoiling the paper.
  • Can be used for printing, writing, drawing and even filing purposes.

5. Century Green 70 GSM 1 Reams Copy Paper


Century Green 70 GSM 1 Reams Copier Paper Quality


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The last product on our list is from Century Green and this one is again quite an eco-friendly manufacturer. The paper is of good quality because of which the instances of paper jams are reduced further. Apart from this, the paper is also ideal for photocopies, laser printer and inkjet printers. This pack of papers also features colour Lock technology which ensures that the ink gets dried up quickly. Another advantage of colour lock technology is that the black colour appears to be really bold and other colours appear to be really vibrant. You can opt for this paper if you are looking for good quality A4 sheets which can be used for dual size printing.


  • The pack contains 500 sheets of paper and the quality is 70 GSM
  • Features faster drying and the colours appear to be really vibrant after the prints.
  • Can be used for high speed printing

6. Bindals 75GSM A4 Size Fineprint Copier Papers


Bindals Copier Papers

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The Bindals is one of the best A4 size paper manufacturers in India right now. This brand not only ensures the A4 papers they market have consistent quality and smoothness but, also compatible with almost any type of printer on the market. This A4 size paper bundle has 75Gsm A4 paper in it. There is a total of 500 papers and they are good for both office and household use. However, the thickness of the papers in this bundle is comparatively fine. Unlike most of the A4 size paper bundles available today, this one is comparatively cheaper and easily available almost everywhere.

Features –

  • Consistent quality
  • 75 Gsm papers
  • 500 A4 size papers in the bundle
  • Cheaper than other bundles
  • Compatible for office and household use

7. Print Pro™ A4 Paper Earth-Friendly Copier Paper


a4 paper

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You do not like papers made from cutting trees? Do you need environmentally friendly paper? Then, this A4 size paper bundle is just for you. The papers in this bundle comes made of recycled ago waste. Even though it is made from ago waste, there is no difference in quality and smoothness. Each paper in this bundle has consistent quality and excellent fine white colour. This product is FSC certified and rainforest alliance certified. Unlike other A4 size papers that are made from agro waste, this one is best for high speed printing and also for smooth manual writing. The papers are designed in such a way that it does not get stuck in the printer. Each of the A4-size papers in this bundle has 70 Gsm.


  • Environment-friendly paper
  • Biodegradable
  • 70 GSM
  • 5000 papers in this bundle
  • Cheaper than most other papers
  • Smooth and fine white colour

How To Choose The Best A4 Papers

There are certain factors that you must consider while making the purchase order for A4 papers. You can check them out in this section.

  • Weight of Paper (GSM)

Weight of paper is defined in GSM and it often defines the quality of the paper. The higher the GSM, the thicker the paper will be. For office supplies, you can order anything between 70 GSM to 80 GSM. The best ones would be 80 GSM for the printing but 70 GSM isn’t too bad either.

  • Opacity

This is yet another factor that you must check before purchasing the paper. If the paper is not opaque enough then you will have trouble printing on both sides. This means that you will end up wasting a lot of paper.

  • Number of Sheets

Lastly, check the number of papers that you get in a ream. It is ideal to purchase the ones with 450 to 500 paper sheets and this way, you can select the number of reams that you would need.


These were all the best products available in the market when it comes to A4 papers. In addition to this, you can also check out the buying guide before you make a purchase as this will help you in ensuring that you are buying the best products which also suits your needs.

You can choose an offline retailer or you can order them online at a discounted price. We would suggest you to check out the price of the products by visiting the product page as this will help you in establishing a comparison in terms of prices.